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Digital transformation

is happening at an increasing pace. As technology develops, the shortage of skilled workers will become more and more obvious. The emerging competence and skill gaps have a significant negative impact on growth and profits of entire companies.

Regardless of how technology changes and jobs evolve to survive in the digital future, organisations must be prepared for what comes next.

Gain a strategic advantage

over your competition, acquire top talent for your organisation and ensure long-term business results with our enterprise solutions.

Upskill your staff, retrain your non-technical employees and make sure they have competences required by your company, or gain a group of well-trained employees, ready to tackle the most difficult and challenging projects.

Thanks to the combination of technological and industry knowledge, Software Development Academy training courses provide companies with unique business value, increasing the effectiveness of their teams and stimulating their growth.

Assess your needs and set goals

We will help you identify the best solution for your company.


Talk to our Expert

Let’s talk about the current situation of your company, the challenges you face and the goals you want to achieve.

On-site visit

Let’s meet and take a closer look at your teams’ work.

Action plan

Let’s set strategic objectives and ways to achieve them by implementing appropriate training tools.

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What can we do for your company?

Training and recruitment projects

We will recruit and train employees with specific competencies, tailored to the needs of your company. The candidate’s unique profile and narrow scope of expertise are what we live for. We’ll get you the team you need.

Staff retraining

According to WEF forecasts, by 2022 as much as 52% of all workforce will need to be retrained. Make sure that your staff is ready for the digital transformation. By unleashing the potential of your staff, we will ensure that your company has the experts it needs to tackle your current projects.

Staff upskilling

We’ll take care of the skills and competences of your team. Thanks to SDA training, your employees will become experts in their respective fields, ready to tackle their tasks more efficiently. Upskilling is a way to quickly increase the company’s potential, along with employee motivation and loyalty.

New staff recruitment

We will make it easier for you to get the talent you’re looking for. We have a database of top-class experts – people who are focused on development, personal growth and new professional challenges. With SDA’s help, you will have easier time finding employees with the desired skills, and you will build your dream team much faster than with standard recruitment processes.


We will support you in outplacement and restructuring processes. Layoffs have a negative impact on both employee morale and company image, so it is always best to avoid the associated costs. By organising training courses for employees leaving your company with SDA’s help, you will give them a real opportunity to start a new, stable career path.

Rekrutacja w IT


Remote courses

We offer remote training sessions suited to your needs. If your team works from home or appreciates the convenience of online interaction, we will meet their expectations. At SDA, we provide remote training sessions based on our in-house SDA inIT® teaching methodology, which entails support of an experienced coach throughout the entire learning journey.


Training areas

In addition to IT training, SDA offers training courses on soft skills, project management, specific tools, as well as a number of other solutions to help companies achieve their business goals.


Tailored courses

Working with SDA means quality, expertise and solutions tailored to your every need. We work closely with our Partners to define specific training objectives that will help your company achieve its business goals. Regardless of whether you want us to tailor our ready-made training modules to your requirements or come up with a bespoke training programme addressing the needs of our company, we will make sure that the resulting course fits the bill and your budget.


Our Partners say…


IT Manager, Oponeo

SDA is a well-established company with extensive experience in the IT training industry-this gave us the confidence to build a
training programme that would meet our needs and quality standards. The project was a complete success, we achieved all our
goals despite the complicated and long programme. We were able to upskill and balance the competences of one of the junior
development teams, which resulted in a marked improvement of the quality of the code and technical awareness of individual

Why do companies choose SDA?

It’s our experience that we are proud of.

We are the largest software development academy in Central and Eastern Europe, and to date, we held hundreds of IT training sessions in Poland and abroad. We are able to effectively share our knowledge and make sure that our customers reap all the possible benefits of working with us.

Customisation. Our solutions are always bespoke and tailored to your individual needs.

We take pride in our individual approach to each customer, based on listening to their needs and creating solutions that solve their problems in an optimal manner. We provide training sessions for entire companies, individual teams as well as members of their staff.

Insight. We identify all weaknesses and opportunities.

Before any training sessions start, we first carry out a full audit of your needs, focusing on identifying competence gaps and weaknesses in employee skills as well as opportunities for your business. This enables us to adapt our programmes and methodologies to the unique needs of your company or its individual employees.

Flexibility. We adapt our ways to the customers’ needs.

Rigid and unchanging methodologies – that’s not us. We make sure that both our training programmes, as well as their delivery is as flexible as possible. We always do our best to meet the expectations of our consumers, including in terms of logistics of our mutual cooperation, schedules and training venues.

Comprehensive offer. We provide a full range of services.

We provide a comprehensive range of services and tackle all the challenges related to the project. We will audit your needs, tailor the methodology and our cooperation programme to your needs, as well as organise and promote our training sessions, while making sure that you can jump in at every stage of the project.

Do you have any questions?

Have you already found a training for your company? Contact us – we’ll get back to you!

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